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ruffnutrona said: No matter what or where life will take us we will always be tight… And I will always be there for you… send to ten people including me if you care and make these ten people smile… If you want-2014

Love u bb ❤️❤️

edge-of-bizarre said: For your paint tool sai problem (this might not work tho so idk) you could instal virtual PC or windows? The paint tool sai, Bootcamp is normally on Mac or you could try Parallels? Sorry if this don't work, I just did a bit of research and the internet is a tricky olace

Yah that’s what a bunch of ppl are telling me…bootcamp seems like the only option, oh boy.

Thanks babe ily

edge-of-bizarre said: heeyyyyyy

Haaaay finnie

Is season three of defenders of berk still a thing or nah




NO ANON, YOU ARE NOT DUMB, DO NOT SAY THAT. everyone is their own person so no standard should be set, that is how i live my life

and hell yeah, first dates are the best

  • astrid and hiccup had a very natural first date, like it was old friends hanging out
  • sure they stumbled and stuttered…

tina belcher moan

I can’t deal with this omfg I’m dying


Finn u are a freakin genius lmao

I have so many things I want to draw but I have NO TIME

it sucks when i get anon hate


Anonymous said: Hello! Have you tried firealpaca? Its kind of similar to sai

yah dude, thats what im using now as a substitute for sai. its an ok program, just ~not the same~

i want to know more about ruff and tuff’s necklace thingies

Favorite HTTYD Characters [2/?] → Ruffnut Thorston.