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i had such a long long long day of classes and this was the absolute best thing to come back to my dorm to. it’s a barf and belch funko pop doll (which I’ve been searching for since FOREVER, and now I finally have it!!!) and the absolute cutest most amazing drawing of the bae, tuffnut. you can’t really tell from the pictures, but it’s nice and, like, lamented and it’s going up on my wall right after i type this. please enjoy my gratuitous selfies with my presents. i would be such a freaking liar if i said i didn’t tear up when opening the box. brooke, i love you so freaking much <3


im still laughing about this fucking gifset



this meme was too silly for me to pass it up. Sorry
I won’t lie, I did it mostly for the Stoick pic =D

oh gods


Astrid thought herself much too clever to believe the rumors about a creature that lived within the depths of Lars Lake. But now, she’s found herself in a bit of a tight situation….


part 1/8 of my httyd stretching room series!! this is actually a redo of a piece i did 3 years ago with the intention of finishing the series but i hadn’t even gotten to the third one before i quit bUT I SWEAR I’M GONNA DO IT…………….THIS TIME FOR SURE!!

enjoy and have a happy halloween huehuehue



Dear edge-of-bizarre and non-heinous, thank you so much for letting me use you guys´ OCs!!! This is my first fic, so please bare with me. Here goes nothing! (Zombie apocalypse AU btw) 

Astrid walked on the chunks of debris littering the streets. The cloudy day only made her mood seem more appropriate. A deep frown was set on her brow, one which had lasted far too long. In the back of her mind, she still grasped hope, but her realistic and harsh way of thinking did not allow it to go any further. She was broken hearted, she was overwhelmed by emotion, and yet she tried to hide it all behind an angry face. 

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YAS GIRL i live for the zombie apocalypse au. im so happy heather and dagur are in this, thats not something you see a lot! Isa u r the best <3 

Anonymous said: soooooooo what did you think of dotdr?

lol well i didn’t have a fucking clue what was going on 50% of the time, considering it was in russian, but i got the general idea? its a cute little story! and fun to watch. it’s basically just a really long episode of the tv show (especially since it has snotlout and ruffnut’s tv voices).

watching dotdr in russian is actually hilarious and im enjoying myself immensely


Hey! What do you guys think of my face paint?

loves-snotlout said: I'm just so angry right now. None of the people who love Hiccup ever realize how effing stupid it is that only he and his girlfriend can win anything. Like can DW ever show people that main characters aren't all that? No. Give the twisn some love DW, and Snotlout and Fishlegs for that matter, not just your slaves to make follow around Astrid. (Sorry about the venting of course).

well, i DO love hiccup. and considering that he is the face of the httyd franchise, i don’t think its stupid that he’s, well, the main character and treated as such.

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